Remember how you go round and round a familiar street

How the people, environment and familiar buildings look downbeat

How your old clothes and old friends no longer fit

And how you once felt the grass grow under your feet


Remember when you felt down and left out

How you felt flout and would shout

How day and night you were clouded with doubt

And still, there was no way out


I’ve been there, rolling deep in the sea

I felt like a dead meat

I was on a hot seat

But I couldn’t sit ‘cos I was not part of the elite


This is how I also felt in the house of God

Oh how I thought and fought

I wanted so hard to be part of the squad

It felt odd that God could leave me unclothed


And so I fought God

Went away because yea, I felt like a clod

And all the while, I didn’t know I walked like a plod

But he found me again and showed me why he is God


Got caught up in his grace, now I can say that I’m saved

I stopped the chase and came back to base

Now I can say that I am in a good place

With a good space, grace and face.




Hey guys,

I am pleased that I am writing again. Hurray! After I shut down my first blog, I kind of lost my zeal for writing.  Over time I started losing myself. I forgot why I started writing in the first place.

Writing chose me and I left it alone. Well, but not anymore! With this I tend to bare it all, to write my heart out and reach out to those I can. I hope this is home for you!

You’re welcome!